Emily Tester

Moving and Storage Advocate

New to the moving industry, Emily was cherry picked by HuberWilmot for her bubbly personality and her customer service expertise. She believes firmly that anyone’s day can be improved by a small act of kindness, and strives to show care and compassion in whatever she does..

With HuberWilmot she hopes to not only master the art of the move, but also learn valuable business skills to grow her career. Emily looks forward to putting her best foot forward and helping others plan their moves with minimal fuss. After meeting the team, she’s confident that HuberWilmot is the right choice.

When she’s not at work, Emily loves spending time with her constantly rotating roulette of hobbies. Sometimes she’s a writer, sometimes she’s a gamer, and other times you may find her roller skating around your local tennis court, practicing fun new moves. She’s happiest when she’s learning, when shes trying new things, especially if she can do so with the ones she loves.