Jim Prohaska

Senior Sales Representative

Jim is a vital part of HuberWilmot’s Household Goods Relocation Division. He excels in his commitment to customer satisfaction and continues to make significant contributions to our company’s success. As a Senior Sales Representative with 25 years of sales experience, and with a proven track record of exceeding sales targets Jim brings a wealth of expertise to the Moving Industry and achieving outstanding results. Having spent 2 years in the military, alongside 25 years in sales and service, he consistently demonstrates the ability to understand customer needs and provide tailored solutions for each and every household family move he takes care of. During his personal time, Jim enjoys traveling, going on cruises, snow skiing, going to the beach, spending time with his family and grilling. He has 3 kids, 1 grandchild, married for 27 years, and gives back to his local community.

If you’d like to connect with Jim or learn more about how he can help you with your next move, he can be reached at jim@hwmoving.com or by phone, (571) 643-3674.