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Furniture Movers

Furniture Movers

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Trust HuberWilmot for your Northern Virginia furniture move. We bring over three decades of experience to your furniture move. We offer a wide range of services with the goal of giving you an efficient and effective hands-free move. These services include:

  • Local and Long Distance Moving Options
  • In-Home Moving
  • Secure Warehouse Storage Options

Partner with a furniture mover you can trust. Here are a few of the things that make HuberWilmot a mover you can trust:

  • A-Rated by the BBB
  • Experienced Since 1987
  • Fully Licensed, DOT 3444872
  • Fully Insured, General Liability and Workman’s Comp

We offer free quotes and great customer service. To get yours, send in your request via our online form. Be sure to give us a call at (703) 488-7117 with any questions you have.

If you’re searching for a furniture mover in Northern Virginia, look no further than HuberWilmot Moving & Storage. Not only do we provide top-quality moves, but we do so while giving professional customer care.

With HuberWilmot, you get peace of mind from our over 35 years of experience and an A rating by the BBB. Our goal is to give you a truly stress-free and hands-free furniture move.

Our Furniture Moving Services

We recognize the complexities of furniture moving. That’s why we offer all of the services that you need plus all of the services that you could possibly need. With HuberWilmot, you get a truly full-service furniture mover.

Here are just some of our furniture moving services:

  • Local and Long Distance Moving Options: We can take your furniture anywhere locally and anywhere in Northern Virginia. With a team of professionals, we make it easy to move your furniture wherever it needs to go with ease even if across state lines.
  • In-Home Moving: Sometimes you need pieces moved in your home. When you do go with HuberWilmot for all your moving in-home moving needs whether that is staging your home to be sold, prepping for renovations or moving a large item from one floor to another.
  • Secure Warehouse Storage Options: Your items will be stored in a climate-controlled warehousing facility that is monitored 24 hours a day by our team. This is perfect to store many items that are common in homes such as wooden furniture, and artwork.

You should only go with a moving company that offers all of these furniture moving services. Even if you don’t think you need things like warehouse storage, it is best to have that flexibility on your move. With HuberWilmot, you get quality for your Northern Virginia furniture move.

Tips for Choosing Your Furniture Movers

Choosing a moving company can be frustrating. Every moving company is trying to get you to move with them. To find the right fit for you, you have to know what to look for.

That’s why we put together this list of our top things to consider when choosing a furniture moving company:

  • Fully Licensed: When moving always check to see if they are a licensed mover. This is not only to make sure they are a legitimate company but also to show they are qualified to handle your move.
  • Fully Insured: You can find important insurance info, the size of the fleet, and years in business using the Federal Movers Database. Do this by using the company USDOT Number
  • Decades of Experience: A moving company that is just getting started and is very new does not have the understanding of what a move like this entails. Look for movers with decades of trusted experience moving around the Northern Virginia area.

As you can see, you should be looking for security. It is difficult to find a moving company you can trust to handle your furniture moving. By looking for these points, you’ll make that search much easier.

Office Furniture Movers

Our team of professional furniture movers can move your office with ease. HuberWilmot offers top-quality office moving services to you. Some of these services include:

  • Moving your office locally or long distances. We use padded trucks to make sure items aren’t damaged in transit on long journeys.
  • In-office moving options when needed. Sometimes lifting items throughout your office can be dangerous and should be done with a professional move.
  • Securing your items in our warehouse where they will be monitored 24 hours a day by our team and stored in a climate-controlled environment is always an option.

Benefits of Choosing a Furniture Mover

Here a just some of the benefits of choosing a licensed and insured furniture mover in your area:

  • Prevent Injury: By using a furniture service you can cut down on injuries by letting the professionals handle the larger, more cumbersome items.
  • Saves You Time: Professional furniture movers also save you time on your furniture move. They do this by providing efficient and timely service with a focus on getting you settled as soon as possible.
  • Saves Money: Hiring a professional furniture mover not only saves you money in the long run on doctor’s bills, etc. but also saves you money on repairs for your damaged furniture.
  • Takes The Stress Out of Your Furniture Move: Hiring a furniture moving company takes the stress out of your move by allowing you to trust trained professionals to move your home furnishings.

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Your goal should be to find a moving company that you trust. HuberWilmot is such a company, with over 35 years of moving experience and an A rating from the BBB. We are fully licensed (DOT 3444872) and fully insured (General Liability and Workers Comp). Know that your furniture move is in good hands with HuberWilmot.

We offer free quotes. To get yours, you simply have to fill out our Free Quote Form.

If you have any questions or want to learn more about how our Northern Virginia furniture moving services can help you on your move, call us at (703) 488-7117.

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What is a Bill of Lading?

Every mover is required to prepare a bill of lading for every shipment transported. The bill of lading is the receipt for your goods and the contract with your mover for their transportation. The driver who loads your shipment must give you a copy of the bill of lading.

It is your responsibility to read and understand the information on the bill of lading before you sign it. The bill of lading identifies the mover and specifies when the transportation is to be performed. It also specifies the terms and conditions for payment of the total moving charges, along with the maximum amount required to be paid at the time of delivery (if you are moving under a non-binding estimate). Information regarding the valuation of your shipment and the amount the mover will be liable for in the event of loss or damage is also shown.

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