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Movers Oakton, VA

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Movers Oakton, VA

Looking for movers in Oakton, VA? Located in Northern Virginia, HuberWilmot Moving & Storage has helped commercial and resident customers in and around Oakton, VA with services like:

  • Local moving
  • Long-distance moving
  • Office moving
  • Specialty moves (Senior, Estate, Antique, Gun Safe, Piano, etc.)
  • Packing and unpacking services
  • Warehouse storage options

In Oakton and all-around Northern Virginia, customers have chosen to move with us because:

  • We have over 35 years of experience in moving & storage
  • We are fully-licensed and insured
  • We are family-owned and operated
  • We are a certified ProMover by the American Trucking Association Moving & Storage Conference

For more information about using HuberWilmot Moving & Storage for your Oakton, VA move give us a call today at (703) 488-7117 or fill out our quote form here.

HuberWilmot Moving & Storage has been moving Virginia for over 30 years!

Movers Oakton, VA

For over 35 years, HuberWilmot Moving & Storage has collected moving and storage experience to successfully relocate residents and businesses all over Northern Virginia area, and that includes Oakton, VA!

Whatever your situation, we have services to fit your needs. From local and long-distance moves to specialty moves, storage solutions and packing/unpacking services, we can handle whatever you throw our way. Our goal is to ensure your next move remains easy, affordable, and stress-free. Alongside our many services, we also help our customers by crafting a customized moving estimate based only on the services required for that particular move.

At HuberWilmot Moving & Storage, we are here to help you make the most out of your move so, if you have any questions regarding an upcoming move, feel free to check out these moving resources for more information:

If the answer to your question isn’t found there, our knowledgeable moving and storage advocates are standing by! Give us a call at (703) 488-7117.


Local Movers

No matter the size of your home, we can easily handle your residential move. Our full-service local move includes packing and unpacking services, loading and transport. Let us handle the heavy lifting while you get settled into your new home.

Long-distance Movers

When you’re moving across the country or just a few states over, our team takes pride in getting you settled into your new home. Let our team take care of the details so you can enjoy a stress-free move.

Office Movers

We offer office relocations around your business hours to minimize disruptions and downtime. HuberWilmot Moving & Storage is here to quickly and efficiently move your business.

Warehouse Storage

From short-term and long-term storage solutions to overnight truck storage, HuberWilmot Moving & Storage can help you cover any situation where you need storage for any length of time.

Packing & Unpacking

Does the thought of packing up your home send chills up your spine? Trust us to do the work for you! Our professional moving team can help you efficiently pack your items so they won’t shift around and arrive in your new home safely.

Estate Cleanout Services

Instead of managing the burden of an estate cleanout alone, let our professional movers at HuberWilmot Moving & Storage take care of moving, packing, loading & unloading and transportation of all your belongings.

Senior Moving Services

Moving older adults within our community is something we’re proud to do. Our senior moving services are designed to allow any older adult to sit back and relax while the professionals at HuberWilmot Moving & Storage take care of the heavy lifting.

White-Glove Moving Services

Looking for the highest of high-quality moving and storage services? Our white-glove services are ideal for customers looking for a completely “hands-off” move from HuberWilmot Moving & Storage.

Things to do in Oakton, VA

photo of Artie's in Oakton VA
Photo courtesy of Tripadvisor.

The area of Oakton, VA is a tight-knit community located about 20 miles west of Washington DC. Oakton is bordered by Fairfax and Merrifield.

Formerly known as Flint Hill, Oakton was renamed after a prominent oak tree that can be found at the cross-section of Chain Bridge Road and Hunter Mill Road. Thanks in part to the trolley line that was constructed in the 1900s, Oakton was able to benefit from the tremendous growth in commerce and population. The trolley traveled from Vienna to Fairfax with a stop in Oakton.

Shortly, Oakton and most all of Virginia became a government and military hotspot, with a heavy influx into Oakton during the 1970s.

Amenities that contributed to Oakton’s growth include:

  • New home developments
  • Office buildings
  • Shopping malls

Known for being a wealthy suburb of Washington DC, Oakton gives off the same affluent vibe, which means that Oakton isn’t short on fun, flavor, or adventure!

  1. Ultimate Archery Virginia: Sometimes called “archery dodgeball”, Ultimate Archery Virginia hosts an action-packed experience fun for those 7 and up. With foam-tipped arrows and your very own bow, duke it out with your opponents and tag them with your arrows to eliminate them!
  2. Artie’s: Just 10 minutes away from Oakton, this restaurant is filled with authentic boathouse décor to pull together the at-sea theme of Artie’s! Enjoy seafood favorites including smoked salmon filet, pecan crusted trout and more.
  3. Castle Strasburg Horseback Riding Center: About an hour south of Oakton, visit Castle Strasburg where you can kayak, fish and swim on-site. You can also sign up to ride majestic rescue horses which can range from leisurely riding experiences to fun racing games!

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Whether you’re making a local move to a community or new home, or leaving Northern Virginia, our professional movers and friendly staff are standing by, ready to help you figure out your moving plan.

To book your move to or from Oakton, VA, or to receive a free quote, give us a call today at (703) 488-7117 or fill out our quote form today!

Did you know...?

What is an Inventory?

The driver will generally inventory your shipment as he or she loads it (although it is not required by law). When completed, the inventory provides a detailed, descriptive listing of your household goods, along with the condition of each item when received by the mover.

Be sure that everything listed on the inventory is correct. This is not always the easiest task, as you will find things written on the inventory such as “PBO,” which means “packed by owner.” The contents of this carton cannot be listed, as the driver is simply not able to see inside each box. You will also sometimes find “CP” on a line item in the inventory, which means “carrier packed” container.

You may also notice, in the middle column on your inventory form, a line that has many seemingly random letters and numbers associated with a specific item. This is where a driver uses inventory code to make note of the condition of an item. To understand this code, you can refer to the top of the inventory sheet for a legend that will explain what each code means. For example, SC means scratched; C means chipped; the number 3 refers to the right side of piece; and 8 refers to the top of the piece. This is a simple (and consistent) way for the driver to make note of any irregularities or existing damage.

Remember, this inventory is for you to keep track of what is loaded, and the condition of each item. If damage occurs on a certain piece during the loading process, make a note of the inventory tag number on that item and indicate it in the far-right hand column on the line that corresponds with that piece. This is the document that will be scrutinized when the claims process is initiated, so it is important to have the damage clearly noted.

This inventory should also be used at-destination when your shipment is delivered. Use the inventory to verify the articles that are delivered and, again, note an exception to the condition of any items as they are brought into your home. Point out the damage to the driver.

What often occurs is that a piece of furniture has been in your home for many years and you grow accustomed to looking at it in a certain place and in a certain light. When you bring that same piece into your new home, you may notice damage that may have been there for a long time. The driver will have noted the scratch or chip at your origin residence. If you are not sure if it was existing damage or new damage, ask your driver to explain the condition of the piece as he noted it on the inventory during the loading process. This is the quickest way to distinguish new damage from what was there all along.

Our drivers are incredibly careful about the way they handle your items, and the inventory is their safeguard against potentially fraudulent damage claims. Use this inventory to your advantage in making sure that you are protected, just as the driver uses it to protect himself or herself.

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