9 Must-Ask Questions for Your Northern Virginia Commercial Mover

Office relocations can be surprisingly complex and risky projects.

Moving every item from one location to another without breakage, delays, lost business, or extra fees is no small task. The larger the company, the greater the challenge.

That’s precisely why you need qualified commercial movers, capable of handling your unique move. Read in to learn how to vet commercial moving companies in the DC area.

1. Have You Served Our Industry Before?

Not all moving jobs are the same, especially in the commercial realm, where industries use a unique mix of technical equipment, materials, and ideal handling conditions. 

Make sure your commercial provider has experience in your exact industry.

2. What Kind of Insurance Coverage Can I Get for My NOVA Move

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Every registered commercial mover should offer the following levels of coverage:

  1. Released value protection: Should be offered freely, but it only covers 60 cents per pound. 
  2. Full value protection: Covers the entire cost of any misplaced or damaged items

Your movers will likely have additional protection packages offered through a third party (but check to see if you have any preexisting commercial property policies to see if liability protection is already included).

Pro tip: Request proof of insurance. Every licensed company should have one on hand. They should have a valid license number, which you can cross-reference on the US Department of Transportation’s page

3. Is Furniture Reinstallation and Packing Included? 

If you value business continuity and you’re worried about the project’s scope, make sure to ask your potential commercial movers whether they pack as well as move and whether they can reassemble the furniture at the destination. 

Otherwise, all that work comes at the expense of the work that supports your business.

4. Are Your Movers Trained Employees or Third-Party Contractors

While moving may appear to be a low-skill job, there’s a tremendous amount involved in making efficient commercial moves.

Ask about the specific experience their movers have. Many work with independent contractors and won’t put in the care your equipment needs. Movers should be trained to be efficient, careful, and reliable.

5. Are There Any Additional Fees?

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Does anyone read every word of every contract they sign? 

Not likely. 

In commercial moving, it’s common practice to embed extra fees within the contract. Ask upfront and cover yourself ahead of time. 

Are there extra charges for stairs? Miles driven? Special materials handling?

Find out before you’ve committed to pay.

6. What’s Your Cancellation Policy?

Speaking of infrequently-read legal clauses, some moving companies get tricky with their cancellation charges.

It’s not uncommon in the industry, and for good reason. It’s hard to recoup the cost of a move with another client on short notice.

That said, you want to be sure the company you’re working with doesn’t have unreasonable cancellation demands.

7. Is the Move-in Date for My Northern Virginia Move Guaranteed?

Are there any guarantees for your move-in date?

Ideally, the policy should promise a delivery date and offer reimbursement for late delivery.

8. Do You Do On-Site Surveys?

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Commercial moves are massive undertakings. So much so that most companies will need to schedule a site visit to plan out key aspects of the move. 

They should:

  • Inspect all items to be moved, especially those requiring special handling 
  • Assess any obstacles for moving day; narrow hallways, stairs, and out-of-service elevators 
  • Provide a written estimate of the moving costs

Without a site visit, their quote carries less weight. 

9. Will a Commercial Move Coordinator Manage my Northern Virginia Move?

Unless you have an especially small company and office, you will need a dedicated coordinator—or team of coordinators—to ensure every detail is accounted for.

If your staff is too busy to help, you’ll need to find a company that offers such services. Ask about their process to ensure your coordinator handles scheduling, labor, and coverage. 

Choose the Right Northern Virginia Commercial Mover for Your Company

Depending on your company’s size, a commercial move may be one of your year’s largest projects. Make sure to vet your commercial moving company, ensuring you’re getting what’s actually advertised and what you truly need.

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