9 Tips for Moving During DC’s Peak Summer Season [Residential]

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Moving is hard. 

It’s going to take more time and effort than you’d want, regardless of when, where, and how far you’re going. That’s why it’s so important to take a few extra steps to make things easier.

Due to the high heat and peak demand during summer, we often recommend movers pick a cheaper, less busy, and less difficult time to move. If you can’t make alternate plans, you’ll have to deal with the added expense, intense heat, and traffic congestion. Here’s how to lessen that burden, making your summer move cheaper and cooler. 

Tip #1 Call Your Movers Way Ahead of Time

Demand for movers and moving trucks is at its yearly peak during the summer months. Guarantee your spot in line by calling your movers early, ideally two months early. Of course, you might not have that much advance warning. In this case, we’ll refer you to the next tip.

Tip #2: Aim for a Mid-Week, Mid-Month Move

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Unsurprisingly, weekends, the beginning and end of the month, are the busiest and most expensive times of the month to move. 

If you’re planning to move during this time, opt for dates in the middle of the week and the middle of the month. Morning time slots tend to fill up first, which is why we recommend making your appointment well ahead of time.  

Tip #3: Avoid Moving During Busy Summer Holidays

You might expect summer holidays to be the lightest moving days of the season, but you’d be wrong. Memorial Day weekend, for instance, is one of the busiest times of the year. 

Avoid major holidays and major holiday weekends to guarantee yourself a spot. 

Tip #4: Offset Higher Cost With Deals and Discounts

As summer is the most expensive time to move, we recommend movers take advantage of any available discounts.

A number of truck rental companies and moving providers offer discounts for AAA members. Also, HW Moving is offering several deals during the 2023 summer season, including 5% off regular rates until September 15, as well as a 5% off senior and active military discount (We’ll also offer reduced rates and minimums if you’re flexible on your move-in date). 

We also accommodate last-minute moves, so don’t hesitate to call.

‌Tip #5: Lighten Your Load and Save on Moving Costs

Moving is the perfect time to assess your need for all the stuff you’ve accumulated. If you have items you haven’t used in years, it’s unlikely that you’ll need them again soon. The larger and heavier they are, the easier you’ll make it on yourself and the more you’ll save in your movers’ billable hours.

Tip #6: Prepare for the Intense Heat and Humidity

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Washington DC’s summer humidity is infamous among locals and visitors alike. During the hottest month, July, DC gets anywhere from 12 to 14 days of 90-degree plus heat.

While you might think the heat is a minor irritation at worst, it can be dangerous to exert yourself in the hot sun for extended time periods. 

Be sure to pack a few things for your adventure, including:

  • Cold washcloths for dabbing your sticky, sweaty face and hands
  • A sizable water jug or cooler packed with water bottles and snacks 
  • Wear lightweight and light-colored clothing
  • Sunscreen 
  • Portable fan

Tip #7: Turn the AC on at Your Next Place the Day Before

Visit your new digs prior to the move-in date, and turn on the AC. Unoccupied houses can trap a lot of heat and humidity—especially during DC summers. The last thing you need after a long day of moving is to unpack your things in 90%+ degree heat.

Tip #8: Do Start the Move in the Morning

Beat the heat and begin moving early. DC’s summer heat doesn’t launch into overdrive until the mid-afternoon. 

Not only will you experience cooler temps and lower humidity, you’ll be free of DC’s also notorious traffic. If no slots are open, we recommend the cooler late afternoon and evening hours.

Tip #9: Your Options for Available Moving Companies May be Limited, So Do Your Research

Depending on how early you request your date, your preferred mover might not be available. If you find yourself in this position, do some due diligence on the safety records of your next best options. Search by company name or US DOT number to become aware of any red flags.

Start Your Search Early to Avoid the Worst of It

It doesn’t take a mountain of work to prepare just enough to avoid the worst-case scenario. By calling movers ahead of time, doing much of the legwork yourself, and preparing for the intense heat, you can stave off exhaustion or heat-related illnesses. 

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