How to Safely Move a Gun Safe

Having a gun isn’t all fun and games.

There’s a great deal of responsibility that comes with owning firearms. Chief amongst them: preventing deadly accidents. One of the best way to avoid such incidents is to restrict access to guns stored at home, so that they don’t fall into the hands of children, visitors, or potential home invaders.

But full-sized gun safes are often incredibly big and impossibly heavy, making them a massive hassle to transport during a move. If you’re looking to move your gun safe out of your DC area home, the moving experts at HW Moving & Storage have some advice. 

Materials You’ll Need for Moving Your Gun Safe

When it comes to relocating any 200+ pound object, you’re going to need to come prepared. Ensure you’ve got the following tools in your arsenal before you move a muscle.

  • Rent or purchase a heavy-duty pallet jack, stair climber, or appliance dolly (make sure it can handle your safe’s weight and dimensions)
  • A few sheets of plywood (only if your safe has to cross over carpet)
  • High-quality work gloves for grip and protection 
  • Comfortable close-toed shoes with good souls (Trust us, you’ll want the traction)
  • At least one strong helper: this is not a solo job
  • A loading ramp (if you’re using a moving truck)
  • A few thick moving blankets

Safety First:  Take Heed of Our Safety Precautions 

Safe moving can be dangerous if done improperly. Even smaller entry-level gun safes can weigh as much as 600 pounds, making a slow and steady pace a necessity.  

Be sure to take these precautions before you get started.

  • Empty your safe 
  • Double-check that your safe is closed and locked
  • Make sure all of your dolly’s wheels are in good shape and locked into place
  • Ensure any staircases in the path can handle your safe’s weight
  • Have at least one person free to steady the safe as it’s moved
  • Lift and set down objects with bent knees and straight backs
  • You can find online tutorials that recommend moving the safe on golf balls; don’t do it (this can cause serious damage to your floor)

How to Move Your Gun Safe

First, plot the route from your safe to your front door, measuring doorways, entryways, corners, and any other tight spots. Next, you’ll want to lay moving blankets—or plywood for carpeting—along the gun safe’s path.

Next, very slowly and carefully lean your safe forward. Have your friend wedge the dolly under it, then slowly tilt it down on the dolly. Secure the dolly with your straps.

As you slowly roll your safe towards your exit, make sure you or your friend steadies the safe as it moves. 

If you’re taking your safe down a flight of stairs, first lay down construction carpeting to protect your steps. Then, get behind the dolly and lift so the weight is balanced towards you, and slowly take it down the steps, one step at a time. 

Once you make it out the door and past any additional steps, it should be smooth sailing to your loading ramp. Have your friend watching the front end of the safe from inside your moving truck, and set it down by carefully tilting the gun safe forward and removing the dolly.

 Don’t Hesitate to Call in For Help

Moving isn’t cheap; it’s only natural to try to save a few bucks by handling some of the manual labor yourself. But, given their enormous weight and the many associated safety concerns, more often than not, you’re better off calling a professional gun safe mover.

 HuberWilmot Moving & Storage’s vetted and qualified relocation specialists are experts in navigating DC neighborhoods and their parking restrictions. We ensure the longevity of your most valuable possessions with award-winning service, ensuring a safe, secure, and efficient move. Request a residential move quote today.